Falling into Fall

Photos by Almass Badat

Wunmi is a 15-year old model from South London. She loves singing and playing the saxophone, and if you’ve ever had Nigerian fried rice, you’ll understand why it’s her favourite out of all her mum’s delicious home dishes.

” I love laughing, especially when i’m around my family and friends. That said, I prefer to call my close friends my sisters, and I love them because they know me better than anyone and are always there for me – even if they’re going through their own issues. I think it’s important to see people that look like me in media as it shows that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and so other people don’t feel pressured to follow society’s expectations. Magazines for my age in particular are missing out on promoting self love and sharing how young girls should embrace their flaws and accept them as part of who they are. That said, I believe that you should always be yourself and never feel expected to act or look a certain way. You’re your own kind of beauty. After all, “AiyeKan” – which is my favourite saying, meaning “You only live once”, in Yoruba, my native tongue.” – Wunmi