Musicians The Coathangers

BL: How long have you guys been a band?

Stephanie: Almost 13 years!

BL: Were you guys friends before? How did it all start?

Stephanie: We were. Julia and I went to the same high school and college and Julia and Meredith were coworkers when Meredith moved to Atlanta.

BL: What made you start playing music?

Stephanie: We simply wanted to have fun and play and write music that we wanted to hear. We figured if everyone else can do it why can’t we?

BL: What’s the best part of being in a band?

Stephanie: Although the touring can become exhausting and such, my favorite aspect is getting to travel. Never in a million years would I have expected to travel as much as we have, all over the world! Also the actual performances are amazing, especially when we all synch up with the right crowd.

BL: If you can describe each of your roles in the band (that isn’t about the instruments you play) what would it be?

Stephanie: I’d say Julia is the business woman, always hustling for us, I like to do more creative stuff for merch, as does Mere. And Mere is our merch Queen, she hustles in that department! We all like to write and hustle on all the social stuff as well.

BL:  Is your stage personalities different from irl personality?

Stephanie: For the most part what ya see is what ya get. Although it might be heightened as far as energy and craziness we are pretty straight shooters.

BL: How do you guys write songs?

Stephanie: Usually we each bring something to the table when writing. Whether it’s lyrics or music and then build off of that.

BL: Where is your favorite place to tour?

Stephanie: Everywhere! Every city brings its own lil flavor.

BL: If you could go back in time and talk to 13-year-old you, what would you say?

Stephanie: Have confidence in yourself and your music! Don’t let other people bring you down with harsh criticisms but also be open to advice!