My Friends Are Making Fun of Me About My Crush. What Do I Do?

To this day I always tell people, I don’t care if everyone on earth thinks my love interest is attractive AS LONG AS I DO. 

Obviously things feel a little different when you’re a teenager, but whether you are 14 or 34, the only person who needs to feel that spark a crush gives you IS YOU. Not your friends. 

Superficial beauty standards bleed into a lot of aspects of our lives, and I hate that this is one of them. If you have a crush on the quarterback or the head cheerleader or the head of the chess team or the star of the school play, the only thing that actually matters is how they make you feel. Try to appeal to your friends’ sympathies. There are a lot of things they might like that you don’t. One of the most important aspects of friendship is trust and support. You want to feel safe telling them everything, and if they are making fun of you for something as personal as a crush, then that trust is questioned. I think the moment you are honest and communicate how much it is hurting you to have them be so negative about your crush, a good friend will back off and support you. If they insist on making you feel bad, then maybe that friendship should be questioned.