My Parents Won’t Let Me Go to a Friend’s House. What Do I Do?

My parents won’t let me go to a friend’s house because they don’t like them. What do I do?

This is a tough one. And I never understood it until I was well into adulthood and could comprehend the phrase “You’ll understand when you grow up!” because it seems so condescending for your parents to assume you can’t determine who is or isn’t a good person. I don’t necessarily condone the use of this phrase, but I do understand why parents say it. As you get older and meet more people, you learn so many lessons. You recognize warning signs for potentially “bad” people. And then you avoid them. When you’re young, you don’t have that experience to reference. HOWEVER, I will say, if your parents are making harsh judgements on your friends for reasons that are unfair, perhaps you should try to advocate for your friends. Be open with your parents and ask them WHY. And if they give you a broad reason, ask them to be more specific. Explain to your parents about the good qualities in your friend and maybe you can work out a deal with your parents. They accept your friend until there is a valid reason not to. Being as mature and calm as possible when you approach your parents about this is key. It’s an emotional topic for both of you, but if you really believe in this friend, then you are the best advocate for them to your parents.