This Boy in Class Made Fun of Me For Having a Mustache. What Do I Do?

Help! This boy in class made fun of me for having a mustache. I didn’t even know I had one! What do I do?

Your body is ever-changing right now, and sometimes it’s going to feel unrecognizable. Hair appears where there was never hair before. Pimples. Boobs! It’s scary! And this kid is probably going through similar scary changes. We all need to be more conscious of the things we say about other people’s bodies – children and adults alike. It’s never okay to comment on someone’s appearance, especially about something that you can’t control. It IS okay for you to tell him to stop commenting on your face and whatever may or may not be on it. Furthermore, do not let his rude comment determine how you feel about yourself. Everyone has hair ALL OVER THEIR BODY including their faces. (There are over 5 million hair follicles on a human body!) This boy has an uninformed idea about gender and who should/shouldn’t have hair. Educate him!