I Am Trying To Figure Out My Personal Style. How Will I Figure It Out?

HELP! I’m trying to figure out my personal style? How will I figure it out?

We live in a day in age with so many options to flaunt our individuality, and clothing is such a wonderful tool to do so! You can make every outfit unique and show off a little piece of your personality. It doesn’t have to be expensive! Some of my greatest pieces have come from thrift stores or a hand me down from my mum! It’s all about making something your own. You don’t have to study Vogue or follow the trends to have the sickest personal style! With this said, let’s get down to some tips and tricks on how to rock your OWN personal style!

For creating the perfect fit, here are some steps to creating your unique look!

  1. Find one article of clothing and start off with that (dress, jeans, vintage T, jumpsuit)
  2. Pick the rest of the outfit with some coordinating items. Say you’re starting off with a vintage T, find some cool levis or a skirt to go as bottoms. If it’s cold out, find a big fluffy jacket to go over and ~WALAA~You created your outfit!
  3. Jazz this look up with some accessories! This is when you can get super creative! You can make your own jewelry even with old chains and adding a vintage lock and key that you can give to your bestie!  
  4. Strut your stuff and show off your uniqueness! You didn’t have to follow any trends or go look outside your own closet to master this look!

Congrats! This is an effortless yet wonderful way to find your own style without following any aesthetics, trends, or influencers! It’s always nice to find a mood board, but try to make an outfit on your own and you will be surprised!