I Feel Like I Am Obsessing Over Popularity. How Do I Stop?

I don’t want to be the popular girl in school but I don’t want to be the “unpopular” one either! And I feel like I’m obsessing about it! Help! How do I stop???

Your best bet forever and ever amen, is to just be YOU. If you are the most authentic version of yourself, people will recognize that and flock to you naturally. Be kind. Be humble. And be positive. Fitting in feels like such an accolade in this time, but I truly feel like my adolescence was as fun as it was because I just did what felt right to me. I had friends in all different groups, and I never felt like I needed to pick some over the others. Try to remember that this is a time to have fun and make friends. Live in the moments and try not to think about “popularity” because you’re all in it together.