three miley cyrus poems

Three Miley Cyrus Poems

In Another Dream, I Work at a White Tower

& serve burgers to men in navy blazers. All of them / have gelled their hair.

Someday, they will all grow old / & wear tweed suits, but today / they have

thin ties & smirk. Like they’re the most important men / in the world. The

type of person / who knows he’s a big deal. I can understand that / so I

add extra tomato & decide to be careful / with their fries. Leave me big

tips. When I go home / I pour milk into my root beer & pretend to be rich.

/ Then I wake up.


I Know I Am Part of American History

& I am okay with that. I know a thing or two / about country music.

Examples: a photograph of two men drinking beer / on a Thursday night in

Boston. A red & blue lollypop / with a six-inch diameter. A goldfish / in a

plastic bag, won at a carnival. Throw a ring, win a fish. I have so much to

say / about wild animals. So much to say about birds / stuck in shopping

malls, starving cats/ in the street. I want them dead. I want them reborn /

as neon lights.


If It Starts Raining While I’m Outside

I will hold a teacup over my head / & hope for the best. There isn’t much

you can do / about nature. Not much you can change / unless you want to

ruin something. I am addicted to things / that kill me. Signposts swinging /

in the wind, dripping with rainwater. I am a lot / like a signpost in the rain,

but sturdier / & human. I have only ever been / human. That is something

that everyone has to remember / about everyone else. There is something

to be said / for quiet voices.