Artificial Memories: Playhouse

  Photos by Corey Grayhorse @coreygrayhorse


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Color and wonderment is a consistent thread throughout my work. A wide-ranging influence of styles in art, photography, and fashion combined with traditional, and pop culture inform my perspective.

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two girls standing in front of mcdonalds

two girls standing in front of Mcdonalds


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Through the lens I create strange beauty and satire, eliciting emotional and social responses. Frozen in time through photography, the work becomes a window into a fantastic dream world, with hints of my reality, to draw an audience in.

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two girls sitting with Ronald McDonald

two girls sitting with random people at mcdonalds


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The locations are a platform for performance art constructed and acted solely by myself, and my subjects. Through the addition of characters, my portraits show a deep interest in the unique human expression.

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