Ava’s Perspective

“I love the feeling of creating something your truly proud of, sometimes I won’t even want to post my photography on Instagram in fear of the work I love so dearly won’t get as many likes and comments I think it deserves, it makes me question if it’s even good. But from my perspective, all art is good if someone felt the need to express themselves”

Photos by Ava Poochie @avasperspective 

girl grabbing milk in grocery store

girl with hands in the air

“Who inspires me as a photographer? Some photographer should pop into my brain right? Wrong, I admire tons of photography but I get inspired from just about anything. Walking around in SF, my homework, boring speakers who make me drift off into la la land.”

two girls with closeup

black and white photo with hand in mouth

group of friends upside down

“Ever since my dad bought me my first blue point and shoot camera when I was about 7 years, It’s been a hobby. I would sneak my camera into school and take photos of my friends on the field. I’d say when I started to really absorb into photography was my freshman year, after me and my first boyfriend broke up. While dating I didn’t feel encouraged to pursue photography on a higher level, he told me I was just doing it as a “trend”. Once we broke up, I was heartbroken and the only way to heal was from photography and learning to love myself.”

blue clothing with blue sunglasses person

girl dancing with orange dress

“A good photo could be following the suggested principles of making a powerful photograph or just creating something because you want to. Having the want to create photography is almost more powerful than following the “rules of photography” when you have that, hold onto it don’t let go because that feeling is so important and you want to take advantage of it.”

girl with sunglasses and sky background