My Friend Group Is Drifting Away From Me. Why Is This?

My Friend Group Is Drifting Away From Me. Why Is This?

Uh oh! I know it’s not fun to drift from friends in the beginning, but this is a sign you are growing as a person! Maybe you have grown your tastes and interests to something other than what your friend group is interested in and this is totally okay!

For example, your current friend group may be super into cheerleading and you… not so much. You have more of an interest in making music. So maybe you don’t have that much in common anymore. That’s fine! Get excited, you can meet some new friends who are more like-minded and maybe even find a new music group!

This shouldn’t be something to worry about, it’s more of the push to go out and meet some new peeps! Your current friend group can still be your friends too! You don’t have to have one friend group. Maybe you can continue to have annual movie nights with your old friend group, but hang out with your new one on the daily!

You’re growing into your true self, wouldn’t you want the like-minded friends to compliment that?!