Teenage Pop Artist Brianna Mazzola Talks Music and Not Following Trends

Brianna Mazzola has been in the entertainment industry for as long as she can remember. At 3-years-old she begged her mom to let her pursue her dreams of being a singer and she’s been at it ever since. Brianna spent years performing amateur nights at her local theatre, the Apollo honing her skills. That eventually led her to a starring role on the Disney’s Club Mickey Mouse! And now at 18-years-old she’s debuting her self titled record.

BL: Brianna, tell us about how you got into music?

Brianna: I have been into music for as long as I can remember… probably before I could even talk! Haha!

BL: What kind of music do you like to make?

Brianna: I like to create music that makes people feel something special when they listen to it.

BL: What instruments do you play? Do you have a favorite?

Brianna: I play piano and a little bit of guitar, but I prefer piano!


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I could listen to Motown for the rest of my life.

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BL: Do you have any musical influences?

Brianna: I have so many musical influences! But some of my favorites are Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Beyoncé 😉

photos via Instagram @briannamazzola

BL: What has been your biggest accomplishment yet?

Brianna: My biggest accomplishment has been signing at HITCO!

BL: What do you like to do for fun with your friends?

Brianna: I love ordering take-out, and having movie and game nights with friends.

BL: If you could listen to one type of music for the rest of your life, what would it be ?

Brianna: I could listen to Motown for the rest of my life.

BL: What are some of your favorite trends going on?

Brianna: I can’t really pick a favorite trend. I usually wear whatever I feel, rather than wearing what is popular at the moment.

BL: What can we expect next from you?

Brianna: More content… more music… and an upcoming tour 🙂