:*✿Bright Lite Girl’s Fashion Club ✿✼:*・*Interview With Photographer Ariana

Interview with Ariana (@arijoyphotos)

Role in Fashion Club – Photographer

Grade: 11th

Inspiration: My grandparents are my biggest inspiration because of the fact that they had rough childhoods and didn’t come from a lot. They have done so much for our family and have taken care of me throughout the years.

Fashion Inspiration: I’m a die-hard Vogue lover, and one of the photographers, Phil Oh really fascinates me. I will sit for hours and look through his photos. I will try to recreate the outfits that he captures of people during Fashion Week with clothes that I thrift.

London Fashion Week by Phil Oh from
Met Gala by Phil Oh from

Interests: I love photography, which I began taking seriously this past Summer. It was one of those things that stemmed from my love of people and people’s uniqueness. I love getting educated on people’s cultures and lives. Capturing people is so special because you are constantly changing from the person you were a second ago. I also love taking care of kids and children.

Interesting Fact: I’ve been performing in theater since I was 5, and doing it allows me to bring other people happiness.

How would you describe the rest of Fashion Club?

Describing Iris: Iris’s clothes are always amazing. She’s always on top of it, and she’s always put together from the makeup to her shoes.

Describing Lucy: Lucy is a ball of energy, and one of the few people I really trust. She can be very outgoing and excitable, but she also knows how to be a great listener.

Describing Mia: Her clothing style is very bright and more girly, which reflects who she is because she is a ball of sunshine and kindness. She never fails to try to see the good in people and situations, which brings out the best of everyone she interacts with.

Describing Abby: Abby is so cool, she always looks like she knows what she is doing. Her confidence shines through her bold colors, sunglasses, and interesting prints and patterns she wears.

Describing Kensie: Kensie is one of the most motivated people I have ever met. She has all of the skills available to do whatever she wants to do. Because when she wants something, she has the determination to get it done. She is constantly saying, “yeah I did that,” because she continues to one-up herself every day, and makes things happen. Kensie does a really good job of mixing her natural face and beauty with a really bold outfit, which is something a lot of people can’t pull off.

Describing Lola: I love Lola with my whole heart, and her style is more minimalist. Mainly what she wears is subtle colors, but bold looks when she puts them all together, which matches her warm personality.