*゚Introducing the Bright Lite Girl’s Fashion Club✿ An Interview With Club President Kensie Braun

Role in Fashion Club – President

Grade: 9th

Inspiration: My dad is definitely my inspiration because he has demonstrated to me how to be a hard worker and always love others.  

Fashion Inspiration: I’m really inspired by streetwear culture and I like to try and incorporate some of those trends into my own personal style. One of my favorite fashion instagrammers is @griztriz and I also really love Devon Carlson’s style.

Interests: I love taking photos for my photography account @kenswiththelens, and I’m always jamming out to music from the 80s.

Kensie Braun

Interesting Fact: I’m allergic to soy so I pretty much live off of Chipotle burritos when I need to pick up something that is soy free.

How would you describe the other members of Fashion Club?

Describing Iris: I would describe Iris’s style as very girly and KPop inspired. I love how she always wears very pink blush, and I don’t know what else to say other than she’s iconic.

Describing Lucy: Lucy is one of the funniest people I know, and she somehow manages to come to school looking cute EVERYDAY.

Describing Abby: Abby is such a cheerful little bean, and her outfits are so unique. For example, one time she wore a really cool pair of neon windbreaker pants.

Describing Mia: Mia’s kind personality always makes my day 10x better, and I love how her style gives me artsy museum vibes. Whether it be a pop of yellow, or a cute pair of shades, she always radiates positive energy.

Describing Lola: Lola’s crazy personality really brings out the best in me, and she’s such a positive person to be around.  She always pulls off her minimalistic looks, and I love how she adds details like her iconic green eyeliner. I would also say her love for That 70s Show reflects in her personal style.

Describing Ariana: I’m jealous of Ari’s photos skills because she always manages to capture people at their best moments, and is constantly working hard with the drive to get things done for our club, whether it be from editing photos to helping out with planning meetings. I would say her style gives off kind of a mysterious feel, and I love the details she adds into her outfits, whether it be sunglasses or a dainty necklace.