:*✿Bright Lite Girl’s Fashion Club ✿✼:*・* An Interview With Club Vice President Lola

Interview with Lola @wittlebittlewola

Role in Fashion Club – Co-President

Grade: 10th

Inspiration: I absolutely look up to model Salem Mitchell. I love that she doesn’t feel the need to wear a ton of makeup to feel beautiful, she embraces her own unique style of laid back and casual. I respect her for her confidence.

Interests: I really like drawing and experimenting with different mediums. My favorite is using paint pens because they allow me to do so much more like cartoons.

Interesting Fact: My favorite animal is a skunk because I actually like the smell.

How would you describe the rest of Fashion Club?

Describing Iris: Iris’s style is the perfect reflection of her personality. Her creativity really shines through the colors, prints, and cuts and styles she wears.

Describing Lucy: Lucy tends to surprise me. I feel like she doesn’t have a continuous style, and it reflects her spontaneous personality.

Describing Abby: Abby knows herself really well, her angles, what looks good on her, and I like how she pairs bold colors together, and how she goes for monochrome looks.

Describing Kensie: I like how she really knows her colors, she’s found her pallette and she uses it very well. She knows what she looks good in, so it makes it easy for her to style her outfits, it always looks effortless.

Describing Mia: I love Mia, I feel like her style represents how fun, loving, chill, and easy to talk to she is. Just good, simple, clean cut outfits for a good, fun gal.

Describing Ariana: I like that Ari is good at utilizing different pieces at the same time. She wears things that could seem mainstream, but she pulls it off by making it her own. I like how she thrifts lots of her looks too!