I’m Not Getting Good Grades In School

This is simple. If you are trying your hardest, then it doesn’t matter what grade you get! If you tried your hardest, you ARE succeeding. You are more than a letter grade now! Our society holds this unrealistic standard that we need to all get perfect grades, and all be on top in academics… this is simply not possible or true. We all have different abilities in different areas. For example, when I was in school, I was in AP English, but I could barely pass math! It’d what sets us apart from different people!

You might be saying, good to know, but I need straight A’s to get into the school I want too one day!

Well I thought the same thing, until I realized, I want to go to a school who wants me! If I give my best effort, then wherever I go, I truly belong there. I never expected to get into the school I got into, but I didn’t get into other top schools. Schools are so weird! But if a school wants you for YOU, then it’s meant to be! Don’t pick a school because it has a fancy name.

School is also about LEARNING. This includes messing up, trying again, figuring out new strategies, and trying your best even if it’s hard. School isn’t pretty. It’s learning, its meant to be messy! So really, all you have to do is show up, and try your hardest! You got this!!!