Interview w/ Photographer Ruby McCLure

My inspirations for my photography are other photos (my all-time favorite photographer is Eve Arnold) and music. I am not musically inclined but I love the way different music makes me feel and I love attaching certain songs or albums to things in my life. I often incorporate those feelings and attachments into my shoots and my art in general. 

Girls are my favorite thing to photograph. I think women are so diversely beautiful and we deserve to be exposed to all the possible forms of beauty.

girl in field
photos by Ruby McCLure


I have always really gravitated towards cameras but only began pursuing photography about two years ago. I remember being really young and making “movies” on my family’s video camera and trying to convince my mom to let me use her camera to take pictures outside. It was so freeing when I got my camera last year, and I’ve been pushing my abilities and taking photography seriously ever since.

The advice I would give to girls starting in photography would definitely be to practice. Learn how to use your camera. My photos got wildly better after I learned the exposure triangle and how to take advantage of my settings. Also, take pictures of stuff you like! Don’t let yourself get bored; shoot with people you like and pursue ideas that excite you!