HELP! I’m getting bullied online!! What do I do?

Thanks to technology, sadly, bullying has a new playground. The internet. These online bullies are incredibly evil because they can say whatever they want through a screen. It’s never actually in person or through their own mouth. In other words, they are cowards, hiding behind a screen.

I first-hand know how incredibly horrible this is, and you feel terrible while it’s happening. I think the best thing to do is immediately report these people and to talk to a counselor IMMEDIATELY. It’s important to process these feelings and what was said with a professional to help you sort out what is going on. You should either delete, your social media for the time being, until it is safe to resume or at least delete your apps.

Never respond back to the bullies. It is what they want, they’re basically talking to themselves without a response.

Lastly, don’t save or look up was said. Completely remove yourself from the toxicity and talk about it with friends and family for support. You are way too special to let a coward on a screen bring you down!