Fearful Dreams

I had a dream, well, sort of a nightmare, maybe a metaphor. It’s hard to dissect dreams, however I know the feeling I felt; fear.

I felt something growing out of the back of my head. I kept grabbing at it trying to figure out what it was before finally discovering that a long vine of a plant was growing out of my head and sprouting! As I tugged on the vine I could feel the roots all the way down my spine and into my core, deeply rooted. I then realized these had been growing a long time and had finally not only reached the surface but grown down my back without my noticing.

I imagine this might be a reflection of my anxieties and fears coming to the surface. I’ve always had a hard time confronting my emotions and confronting situations and instead hold a lot in, hold a lot back, and push a lot down. Fear prevents me from being honest with myself and others sometimes, it sometimes strangles me and takes over. It manifests in many different forms but all rooted together in the same place. Fear is a very powerful emotion that drives all living things, it’s apart of nature and apart of everyone and everything.