Bright Lite Originals

A Day in the Life

A short documentary series following a different host each episode, sharing their individual stories.

Ask Ella
A show featuring Ella Fields, an amazing teen director and producer. In this series, she explains many interesting topics.
Bright Lite Rooms

In this series, girls all over the country let us explore their secret world within their bedroom.

Everly's Makeup Corner

12-year-old aspiring makeup artist, Everly, shows us how to do fun, creative makeup for all different types of looks.

Food City

What do tweens and teen girls want to eat? In this series we let the girls tell US what they would eat if they were in charge!

Good Hair Day

A short series following a dramatic hair makeover and how confidence, self-love, and embracing your own identity ties in.

Growing Up Derby

A short series documenting the challenges, teamwork, and everyday life of Derby Girls.

How to Navigate the Web

14-year-old Amory and 16-year-old Aubrey host a series about their take on the internet, while giving advice on how to manage it all

Little Coven

Host Izzy Newman shows the secret world of magic and real-life witches. Learn about different witchcrafts and their stories.

Skin 101

12-year-old host and founder of Kids Skin, Jordan Canepa, teaches us how to take care of your skin using new tips and tricks.